IELTS Life Skills Official Cambridge Test Practice A1 PDF

Details about IELTS Life Skills Official Cambridge Test Practice A1

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IELTS Life Skills Official Cambridge Test Practice A1 PDF

IELTS Life Skills Official Cambridge Test Practice A1 PDF free download – The following tips are designed to help any teacher give realistic, authentic exam practice to their learners. The tips are designed to be specific to the IELTS Life Skills test, so they will be useful both to more experienced teachers who are used to holding practice tests and less experienced teachers who have not taken the role of examiner with their learners before. Practice tests are an essential part of preparation. They give learners a clear idea of exactly what will happen during their test and they are a valuable opportunity to deal with confusion and misunderstandings before the real test. In this way, they help learners to deal with exam nerves and apprehension.

This is obviously vital for those who have never taken a formal exam before or those whose previous exam experience was many years ago. However, in order for the practice test to be as useful as possible, it is very important for the teacher to try to recreate exact test conditions as much as possible. This involves finding a separate space away from the rest of the class (if the tests are being conducted in lesson time) and careful preparation before the test. Familiarise yourself with both the materials and the test format well before the test and adopt the role of ‘examiner’, rather than “teacher throughout. The more realistic you can make the practice test, the more useful it will be for your learners. If possible, prepare some feedback either for each pair or for the whole class for the lesson following the practice tests. The feedback can either be on exam skills, language used in the test, or both. This will mean the practice tests are a valuable tool for development as well as assessment for your learners.

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