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IELTS Advantage Reading Skills by Jeremy Taylor PDF

This book is for students who are planning to take the IELTS Academic Reading Test and who are aiming for a score of 6.5-7.0 or higher. Students who are taking the General IELTS Test can also benefit from the book, though it is aimed in particular at those taking the Academic Test. While the reading texts in this book, and those in the test, are broadly of an academic nature, they are not highly specialized. As with the test itself, you will not be expected to have specialist knowledge of the subjects discussed. This book contains many hours of work for the motivated student and offers intensive practice for everyone who wants to brush up their skills before taking the test.

How is it organized? The book is divided into ten units based on topics commonly found in the IELTS Reading Paper. Each unit is divided into different sections so that you can:

  • get to know the many question types that may appear in the IELTS Reading Paper
  • develop reading skills which will help you cope with a large amount of reading required in the test
  • learn strategies that will help you make effective use of your time when taking the exam
  • broaden your vocabulary, with particular attention paid to paraphrases, synonyms and collocations, which are all essential for students who want to get a good result in the IELTS test.

At the back of the book, you will find useful pages that will help you become more confident with some of the essential skills you need to be successful at IELTS, such as suggested websites that will give you hours of useful reading practice, tips for effective vocabulary learning, problems to avoid when filling in the answer sheet and how to get the most from your dictionary. How can it help me get a better IELTS score? Many students do not do well on the IELTS Reading Paper, not because their English is poor, but because they lack the strategies that will help them get a good result. This book will teach you a range of strategies for reading more effectively and for understanding the more easily, and give you a lot of guidance about the best way of how to approach the various question forms. Some of the texts are slightly longer and harder than th will find in the test -stretching you a little so that there should be no nasty surprises when you come to the test itself.

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