I Speak Boy – Jessica Brody ePub PDF download

I Speak Boy – Jessica Brody

336 Pages – 2022 – 7.9 MB – 1203 Downloads – English

I Speak Boy - Jessica Brody ePub PDF

I sit up taller, clear my throat, and speak in my most authoritative, official-sounding voice. “ ‘One: You catch him looking at you a lot. Two: He goes out of his way to sit with you. Three: He tries to make you laugh, maybe even making lame jokes.’ ” I glance up from my phone to make sure Harper is paying attention. She’s sitting next to me on her bed, bent over her sketch pad, green marker in hand, completely absorbed in her latest drawing. She hasn’t looked up even once. “Harper,” I whine. “Did you hear anything I just said?” “Mmm-hmm,” she says distractedly, which I know is her code for “Sort of.”

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