I Can Read You Like a Book PDF ePub free download

I Can Read You Like a Book will satisfy desires similar to those listed while I give you a step-by-step guide to reading body language and using it to affect emotions, including your own and other people’s. Have you ever walked into a room and had someone greet you in a personal way, but you didn’t recognize her? Instantly, no matter how well your voice mimics familiarity, that individual knows you have no idea who she is.

I Can Read You Like a Book

289 Pages – 2008 – 12.31 MB – 76,354 Downloads – English

Not a great way to start a meeting, wed- ding reception, or a class reunion. If you knew little about body language, you could easily convince her that you did recognize her. If you knew a little more, you could put her at ease so quickly that she would tell you about herself, giving you distinct advantages in whatever conversation or negotiations ensued.

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