How To Use VPN for Online Casinos In 2021?

VPN is one of the ways to hide the original address of the user. Therefore, it has become highly useful for the online gambler who wants to play online slots from countries that have restricted other country players. One can easily download VPN, and change the server and log in to the online casino.

Why Use VPN to Play at Online Casinos When in Restricted Countries?

When it comes to online casinos, there are several restrictions in place that players need to heed. Now, as the gambling industry is flourishing, several countries are putting a restriction on online gambling.

In many countries like UAE, Poland, Qatar and other countries gambling is completely prohibited. These countries do not allow their residents to use online casinos and place bets. The fact that many Asian casinos still open and welcome players from restricted regions pushes gamblers to use VPN.

VPN is a service called a virtual private network, in which the user’s IP address is hidden, and another address is used from any other country. VPN helps the bettor’s to use online casinos from countries where gambling is prohibited. VPN helps in masking their original address, which gives them access to the casino.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that using VPN is still illegal and, if caught, can be punishable as well.

Casinos That Allow VPN

While using VPN, it is crucial to check which type of casino will be safest; several casinos have strict regulations against VPN players and do not allow them to place bets. Though many allow the players to play the games but placing wagers is restricted. This is because several countries are strict about using the casino from their country, and the casino usually does not want any VPN involvement.

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But, as many casinos are now aware that people use VPN to play and place bets, they are allowing players across the globe. But one should be careful of which casinos are allowing players and which are not. In case the casino is not allowing, and one gets caught, they will be barred.

One of the things that should be kept in mind is that casino that is licensed by Curacao gambling association is more lenient towards the VPN players. Also, casinos that allow cryptocurrency are more open to VPN players. Some of the casinos are that allow players are:

  • Bovada
  • Casino extreme
  • Intertops casinos
  • Casino max
  • Crypto slots

If possible, one can also ask the casino’s customer support and alert them that one is using VPN before creating an account.

Best VPN Services for Online Gambling

Some of the safest and more trustworthy VPN services are:

  • NordVPN: trustworthy option with good connectivity and around the clock support.
  • Surfshark: budgetfriendly VPN for an online gambler with great features.
  • Express VPN: high on security, features and connectivity with 24×7 supports.
  • IPVanish: compatible with various devices and supports more than 50 countries.

For online gambling, one can find a large number of VPN services on vpnBusters. But, as this is about hiding IP address and online gambling, one should choose only the best. This way, one who keeps their address hidden will get better connectivity and get better privacy in terms of one’s personal information.

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