How To Stop Church Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis?

Catholic church sexual abuse crisis is increasing day by day. Molestation and sexual assault charges have been part of this world. But such a misdeed conducted on part of a sacred position in a Holly place is shameful and more painful. The person who is abused is left with psychological scars and behavioral problems throughout his life. However, suppressing the issue and hiding the accused by not reporting his misdeed is increasing the rate of this crime. Predator keeps on praying until he is caged.

How To Stop Church Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis

Understanding the Clergy Sexual Abuse

Minors abused by clergy may first take some time to understand what happened. But, later on, the fear of being embarrassed in front of others and being susceptible to his truthfulness makes him step back. Coming forwards against a systemic power like the archdiocese is not easy for him. This is a fact that nothing can give him back his childhood pleasures even if he gets the clergy punished. Still seeing justice be done can make him live without fear and shame. Moreover, the victim may also be entitled to claim compensation despite the time when he was abused. This act of punishing clergy abuse with the help of a loyal and efficient lawyer can not only decrease the audacity of other catholic clergies to commit such an act but will also make life a little easy for the victim.

Shun the Silence of the Institution

The strategy of an institution where the abuse has occurred is ‘silence’. The institution cares more about its reputation than the life of a victim. Most often, the whistleblower is degraded and fired. Sexual abuse at the hand of a high-profile church official makes the victim think hundreds of times before speaking up to anyone because he finds reconciliation impossible. Thereby, letting the criminal continue committing his sin

Opinions To Consider

Steps we need to take to stop this crime to happen again are reconsideration of the celibacy law. According to a few, catholic clergy abuse is more to do with the unconscionable celibacy law than with sexual orientation. Other opinions include shunning of conservative powerful clergy roles. Expecting misconduct on part of the clergy is nearly impossible for people. There is a need to change these rigid beliefs. Forcing justice to be served by the boycott of the collection basket is also a worth considering opinion.


Indeed, silence is not always the solution. Your silence might be counted as your weakness. If anyone near you is a victim of this crime, then be a whistleblower. Consult a lawyer, if the victim is not willing to attend the court hearing he can ask his lawyer to do the services. Execution of justice is the only ultimate way to stop this shameful act. Punishing one will discourage others from committing the same crime. However, one person moving forward for justice can also encourage others to ask for justice.

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