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How To Sell Yourself would not be a reality without the help of three of the key women in my life: Marguerite Savard, who runs my busi- ness; Susan Paynter Hasankulizade, who edits my quarterly news- letter; and my wife, Jean Anne, whose five published novels were part of my literary training.

How To Sell Yourself

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Communication is the transfer of information from one mind to another mind, or to a group of other minds. It can be in the form of an idea, a fact, an image, an emotion, or a story. It can be written, spoken, drawn, danced, sung, or mimed. Whatever the medium, if the message doesn’t reach the other person, there’s no communication, or there’s miscommunication. The simple premise of this book is that every time you open your mouth, in order for communication to happen, you have to sell yourself. If you don’t sell yourself, communication is nearly impossible. If you do, your message will get across.

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