How to draw useful lessons from advertising content


How to draw useful lessons from advertising content

In observing an advertising content, regardless of its format, every observer should learn to transcend what he sees with his eyes, what he perceives with his senses, grasping the communicative message in its entirety and drawing from it a concrete lesson for himself, for his own life, with the aim of always improving himself, without ever stopping.

Commercials and advertising content are too often ignored, or watched distractedly: most people have now learned to consider them almost an annoyance, an unpleasant interruption while watching TV programs or online video games, content that in most cases (especially on YouTube) is deliberately skipped after a few seconds by hitting the “skip ad” button.

The belief that advertisements are devoid of interesting content, or useful lessons for people, is totally wrong, and if it was able to spread so massively it was only because of a serious misunderstanding, some unfortunate miscommunication, or the blatantly wrong conduct carried out by some companies. The exercise that few people propose nowadays consists precisely in making an effort to look at advertising messages more carefully, with greater awareness, trying to discern its deeper meaning and the intense work that went into its creation.

The creative effort

In fact, very few people know the reality of the facts. Behind the simplest commercial, broadcast on TV, radio or social media, there is the work of entire teams of professionals who sometimes, for the most complex projects, spend even entire weeks or even months elaborating a captivating content for their target audience, studying down to the smallest detail its communicative potential and the possible success it could have in its target audience.

It is work that undoubtedly requires a lot of mental and creative effort, and in most cases produces end results laden with subtle and profound meanings that are not always fully grasped by their intended audience.

On certain occasions, the content of advertising messages represents a real lesson for your everyday life, so much so that ordinary consumers, on some occasions, find themselves mentally repeating the advertising slogan or the main song of a commercial heard on the radio or TV, without even realizing it. This demonstrates the great penetrative capacity of these messages, which have the ability to deposit in the mind of the viewer (or listener) seeds dense with meaning that will sprout later, at a later time, prompting the person in question to take a certain action (a purchase, a visit to a store, or even simply the mental repetition of the words heard in the commercial, especially the catchy ones).

A well-known brand specializing in the marketing of coffee recently created a commercial focusing on the role of work breaks, and in particular their quality, insisting that the quality of work, in most cases, depends precisely on the quality of breaks.

Every one of us knows when our colleague needs a break, we can read it in his or her eyes.Taking advantage of this insight, the brand has brought to life a piece of content that holds a very valuable lesson, namely that we should pay much more attention to the quality of our time off (especially at work). Why not go and watch your favorite commercials, trying to note down the teaching contained in each one and applying it to your daily life? That way, you will find that there is something useful in each piece of advertising content that could improve your life right away, in just a few moments.

An omnichannel strategy

This discourse also concerns all those contents that do not have purely promotional purposes, but are nevertheless part of an omnichannel communication plan that also includes precise content choices to be carried out on the different channels, online and offline. In this case, particularly with regard to online textual content, the educational purpose is much more evident, and the lessons encapsulated in the various contents can also be perceived much more easily by the audience.

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The fruit of man’s ingenuity never represents something useless. Even the most stripped-down content sometimes contains valuable lessons that only reveal themselves after a long time.

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