How To Create Roblox Game – Everything You Need

Can you create your own Roblox Game? Yes, that is the essence of Roblox. In fact, most of the games that you play on Roblox are either made by players or some developer company (small scale).

Either way, you have a complete platform ready for you. However, you might be looking for a guide on how to create a Roblox game. There are many sources out there, they even use the ‘Obby’ tutorial as an example, but you can find that on the official website, as well.

We are bringing you something better. This is a good hub for you to learn what you need to create a Roblox Game. That’s right! This isn’t a step by step guide to creating that Obby Game. It is an instruction manual or a checklist to ensure that you have the right resources to make your Roblox Game. With that, let’s begin:

A Most Played Game: Roblox

Roblox is one of the most played games, all thanks to its popularity, and trend. You can even use Roblox to earn money online.

As per some stats around 115 million people were active on Roblox as of February 2020.

Creating Games On Roblox

Roblox is a fantastic platform that isn’t going down anytime soon. It is phenomenal to the point it might very-well have surpassed Minecraft. There are countless programs like the Roblox Developers initiative to reward people for creating games. You can earn real money through the platform.

However, if we put that fact aside, Roblox is quite an entertaining and educational platform. You have access to several games. The beauty of Roblox is that all of these games are created by players like you and us. In fact, Roblox has an easy overlay and interface to allow anyone above the age of 10 to develop their game.

What’s more? If you’re a budding programmer or want to get your child interested in it, you can quickly learn the language. Overall, Roblox can be a fantastic platform to learn and create.

A Quick Checklist To Create The Game

The Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio is a fantastic, free-to-use toolkit available on the official website. If you click the above-given link, you will get directed to the official website. It is available for PC systems and Mac. You can download and run it.

It is a great suite to learn designing and game-building. Things are pretty straightforward, and the tools are easy to understand. Even if you have a little difficult time, there are guides and tutorials available to get into the practice.

However, Roblox Studio doesn’t just allow you to make Roblox Games. You can use it to build exclusive content, various graphic sets. It can create a different game you might not want on Roblox at all. That’s the power of the platform.

Let’s not forget that creating a new game is easy. Once you’re done, you can make it public, and it will be available for other players to find and play. It’s that easy! Thus, you don’t have to invest too much time into it.

Roblox Developer Hub 

Roblox Studio is a tool, a suite that would enable you to create and shape your world. However, you would also need something that would allow you to learn how to use that tool. How can you build the game? Can you insert the animations? How will you host the game? Is there a way for you to upgrade the game? All of these questions are answered on Roblox Developer Hub.

It has that famous ‘Obby Game – Create Your First Game‘ Tutorial that you will find several people copying and elaborating. The developer hub is perfect. It has everything from teaching you about cameras and angles to even making the game cross-platform compatible.

If you need any information, this is the place to be.

Learn Lua

As you know by now, Roblox games are a combination of C++ and Lua programming language. Lua is like Python in many ways, just more straightforward and without paying attention to symbols too much. C++ remains bare-basic, as well. Therefore, it is easier for you to learn the language.

To make a game on Roblox, it is pivotal that you should know how to use the LUA language. If you visit the official website, you can learn it there, as well. A little bad news for Linux lovers, Roblox is not available for Linux. So if you’re a developer like that, it won’t work, and you would need to use windows and learn Lua.

Remember – Get A Roblox Account

Make sure that you have a Roblox account before you begin the developing process. It is available for free, and you can start immediately. There’s no need for you to invest money in Roblox games or to develop.

Don’t fall for any other tools or Roblox free games scam. Use the official website and the above-given three primary databases to get the game up and running. That’s all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Play the Roblox Game?

Roblox games are available for Microsoft Windows and Androids. You can play them on Xbox consoles, PC with Windows, Tablets, and Smartphones, as long as they are compatible. You will find the popular Roblox game on the official website and hub to play.

Does Roblox Studio Work On Smartphones?

No. Roblox Studio strictly works on Windows PC and macOS. You would need one of these to make it work. There are some lesser-known developer tools from Roblox available for Smartphones and iOS that you can use to build the game. Roblox studios don’t work with Chromebooks, either.

Can You Earn Money On Roblox?

Yes. There are many ways to earn money on Roblox. You can enroll in their Developer program or conduct in-game affiliate marketing. If you learn something from Roblox’s, Adopt Me! You will see that you can even introduce game pass and expansion packages for money. There isn’t any hard-imposed rule on how to earn money through Roblox.


That’s everything you need to start making your first Roblox Game. Remember, practice makes you perfect.

So, if you keep learning from mistakes and making the game, you will do an incredible job. It would be better if you can test the game out from the player’s perspective before launching it.

Either way, Roblox is all about experimenting and trying new ideas. So go ahead and have fun with Roblox Developer Studio and hub.

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