How to create hyperlink in Discord, in an embed, in general [closed]

I did today a big research on hyperlinks and how to use them. But everything I found didn’t worked, probably outdated… I’m interested in if it is possible to create a hyperlink just in a guild channel as a normal user. But I need this information more for programming my discord.js bot. How can I use a hyperlink in an embed, but not in the title specific. I know I can write the text int .setTitle(“Titel”) and then write .setURL(“https://…”) but I need those hyperlinks to work in a field. Maybe I just want the bot to send a message being a hyperlink.

Can someone help me in general with hyperlinks, or send me a useful documentation which is not outdated?

BIG THANK YOU in advance!

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Jakye is right. Only bots can achieve this (but not in field titles, beware). Just do [link text here](url here)

"Track cases globally, or in a country, by supplying 2-letter [country codes]("

This embed description results in

this embed description

this in the embed. Clicking on it directs you to Using .addField():

yourEmbed.addField("Title here, no hyperlinks allowed", "Main text here, so you can put a hyperlink here [like so.](");

If you want a bot’s message to just be a hyperlink, you need to make an embed, and only set the description, hyperlinking as shown above. (you can set the embed color if you want too of course)

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