How to Adapt to Using Ebooks in Your Online Courses

If you’re entering the world of online learning for the first time, you might have difficulty using ebooks for your online course. Perhaps you think it misses some important content, or you just like flipping the pages of a physical book to find what you’re looking for. Either way, learning how to use an ebook is very important, especially now that online learning and distance education has become the new norm.

Adapt to Using Ebooks in Your Online Courses

In this article, we’ve provided you with several tips and tricks on how to adapt to using ebooks for your online courses. But first, let’s define an eBook.

What are college course ebooks?

Ebooks are digital versions of print text or textbooks.  You can access them from various devices, including your laptop, tablet, phone, and even college computers.

Most libraries, both in colleges and universities, have purchased access rights to thousands of ebooks, which students can access and read, whether on-campus or off-campus.

Ebooks are available to students 24/7 from any devices with an internet connection, meaning they can be used anytime and from anywhere.

Ebooks vs. textbooks for college

Are ebooks different from textbooks? No! Even though one is in digital form and the other one in physical form, they contain the same content; nothing is added or removed.

The biggest benefit of ebooks is that they can be used as both textbooks and a source of information. For instance, if you’re studying about Self Awareness, the best way to understand the topic is to find general awareness essay topics and read a few examples of such essays. Ebooks can contain several samples of such topics or titles, making your task easy.

Also, ebooks offer students more flexibility than physical textbooks.  In simple terms, you can access ebooks from your student portal within minutes, but for a physical book, you might have to head to the library to find it or wait for it to get shipped, which can delay your academic progress.

Tips and Tricks to use school ebooks in online courses

Don’t read the entire eBook

Staring at a white screen for several hours is not healthy; not only will your eyes hurt, but you might develop a migraine. Thankfully, with ebooks, you don’t have to stare at the screen for long hours. Most of the time, your online course will ask you to study only a specific chapter or page of content related to your program.  As a result, you get to read only a few pages in a day and focus only on the important information; you don’t have to read the entire book.

Make use of devices that offer perfect reading comfortability

Although you can access an eBook on any device that connects to the internet, it’s wise to select a device that offers your perfect reading comfortability. As such, select a device with a larger screen like a laptop or computer, so you don’t have to strain when reading.

Suppose you have an e-reader or tablet, even better. These devices provide you with numerous ways to customize how your eBook look, like changing the color or highlighting some sections.  They also allow swiping through the pages, just like flipping in a physical book.

Interactive eBooks are the best

Staring at a white screen for hours is not fun because this doesn’t allow room for imagination.  But some ebook creators have taken things a notch higher by introducing interactive eBooks that including interesting features like background music, sound effect, and even audio narrations. Thus, making the eBooks more engaging.

Make the most out of your eBooks

One of the reasons most people prefer physical textbooks is that they can use a highlighter to highlight the most important section of the content. However, through e-readers, that’s also possible. In addition, you can easily access the highlighted information later.

Avoid Eye Strain

The major downside with digital or online reading is eye strain.  When you focus on your screen for so long, you might experience a mild headache or dry or fog eyes. To prevent such incidents, head to settings on the app you’re using and make some changes. Also, give yourself some break when you feel strained.  If the eye strain condition persists, look for blue light glasses, whether prescribed or not.

Select eBooks that come in various formats

Select an ebook format that corresponds with your reading platforms or apps. Ebooks often come in a variety of formats, including PDF, ePub, and others.  If you can’t read an ebook on your device, consider downloading an eBook converter to convert it into a readable version.


Ebooks are a great way for students to access constant information, especially in a world where technology is taking over, and physical books are being rendered obsolete. Online learning is the new norm, and it’s high time for students to understand how to use eBooks to take complete advantage is this new form of learning.

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