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How It's Supposed to Be by T.S. Joyce

How It’s Supposed to Be by T.S. Joyce – She was midway through her break-up playlist, belting out a tearjerker at the top of her lungs. Geez, she wished she could carry a tune. Right now, she could be breaking glass with her screeching, but whatever. She was alone in the car and she needed this. Screech-singing was an art not many had honed. Everyone she knew could sing except her, which made her unique. Unique!

All she’d brought with her for a three-night stay at the Crooked R Dude Ranch was a duffle bag. At least that’s what she’d told her best friend, Tabby, but that was definitely a lie. She’d brought six duffle bags and still hadn’t had enough room for her three curling irons and her blow dryer, so she’d buckled those into the front seat.

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