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House of Sticks by Ly Tran ePub PDF

House of Sticks by Ly Tran ePub PDF free download – WE ARRIVE IN THE blizzard of 1993, coming from rice paddies, mango trees, and the sun to February in the Empire State. We feel sick from turbulence and three weeks of travel, with that nauseating airplane smell, a combination of pleather and cleaning product, clinging to our hair and skin. Thinh, Phu, Long, and I step o the plane, ahead of our parents, holding clammy hands. We’re৹here. My mother is ushed with excitement. She rushes up to a confection stand and gives the man behind the register ve thousand৹dong. Gandy, she says to the man brightly, for my childs. Before the man can reply, my father slaps her hand away and calls her an idiot. The ve thousand dong falls like a feather to the ground. I don’t understand what’s happening. I wait for the candy, but it never comes. Thinh, the oldest of my brothers, grabs my৹hand৹and৹leads৹me৹away.৹He৹knows৹something৹I৹don’t. Our sponsor, an old family friend who fought in the war with my father, was supposed to meet us, but we don’t see him anywhere and have no means of contacting him. It’s up to my father to gure out how to get to the address he’d given us. Outside the airport, a blizzard rages. The map is in your mouth, my father tells himself, reciting a Vietnamese mantra, as he stops strangers৹to৹ask৹for৹directions৹in৹his৹broken৹English.৹He৹produces৹a small piece of paper, upon which he writes the instructions they give him: “Tek A tren tu Brotway Junksun.” My mother stands by, smiling and bowing to the people who try to help us. We come back into the airport to gure out next steps and to escape the cold when৹a৹man৹runs৹up৹to৹us৹holding৹a৹sign.

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