Hide and Geek – T.P. Jagger ePub PDF download

Hide and Geek – T.P. Jagger

262 Pages – 2022 – 8.2 MB – 990 Downloads – English

Hide and Geek - T.P. Jagger ePub PDF

Okay, by now I’m sure you’ve heard about everything going on in the tiny town of Elmwood, New Hampshire, tucked away in the scenic Fair Valley. You’ve read the headlines or seen the photos or whatever. The failing factory, the hidden fortune, the kidnappings, all that stuff. Last week, a reporter showed up all the way from Australia to get the scoop. Unfortunately, except for his cool accent, he was like every other person who’s flooded into Elmwood lately—chasing a fairy tale. But me? I grew up in Elmwood, and I care about the facts. So before you judge me for not looking like a journalist, consider this: FACT #1 Girls usually have their growth spurts between ten and fourteen years old. FACT #2 I’m only eleven, so I have another three years. I could totally grow past 4’6” any day now. Anyway, I may be a short, freckle-faced eleven-year-old, but I’m here to set the record straight, to take a stand for truth. After all, I’m not simply reporting what I think happened in Elmwood. I’m Gina Sparks, soon-to-be-world-famous journalist, and I was there. I lived through it. Barely. And facts are what saved my life.

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