Her Purpose – Shelley D Hiers ePub PDF download

Her Purpose – Shelley D Hiers

407 Pages – 2022 – 2.0 MB – 1798 Downloads – English

Her Purpose - Shelley D Hiers ePub PDF

ONCE UPON A TIME, as all proper stories begin, there was a little girl. She lived a comfortable life with an adoring family. She had many more good times than bad times, and so she was very fortunate. But as days melded into weeks and weeks grew into years, the moment came when she needed to come out from underneath her mother’s skirts and her father’s shadow and try to find her purpose. On that fateful day, the little girl sat in a chair watching her mother carefully tuck essential supplies into a well-worn, traveling bag. She swung her leg incessantly, trying to distract herself from the flutters in her stomach. “I can prepare the travel pack on my own. Walker made sure of it.” Her mother’s chuckle was low and sweet. “I know, my love. But allow me to do it for you this one last time.” She finished tying the string around some brown paper, which contained thick slices of oatcake, and slipped them into her pack.

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