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Her Cross to Bear by Erin Bedford ePub PDF

Her Cross to Bear by Erin Bedford ePub PDF free download – My dormmate and best friend, Bethany snorted beside me on her bed, our legs dangling off the edge. “How do you know what’s true or not? Vampires could burst into dust.” She threw a handful of popcorn into her mouth. “Look, it’s an easy clean up.” I rolled my eyes. “Sure, but if a good gust of wind comes, all that dust is going right at you. Talk about second hand slaying.” Not to mention all the politics and paperwork involved with killing a vampire, but Bethany didn’t know that.

Three years as roommates and there were tons of things Bethany didn’t know about me. “Second hand slaying? Really?” Bethany barked a laugh. “You are far too invested in vampire slaying for a premed student. Do they teach that stuff in Anatomy 302?” I scooped up some popcorn and tossed it at her. “Hey, I can have other interests. There’s no rule against it.” “Meh, sure. I guess.” She gestured at the screen with a swooning sound. “Alive or dead, I’d let that British guy stick anything he wanted in me.” I wrinkled my nose. “Ew. Beth. He’s the walking dead. He doesn’t even have a heartbeat.” “Still, have you seen those abs?” She arched a blonde brow at me. “Lickable. Completely and totally lickable.” I giggled with her curling up closer on the bed. Bethany had been my roommate and best friend since I started college. I loved her more than life itself but she could be so boy crazy. If she could get a glimpse of even half the men that I deal with back home, she’d orgasm on the spot. On second thought, it was probably better she didn’t meet them.

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