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Heartbreak for Hire by Sonia Hartl ePub PDF

Heartbreak for Hire by Sonia Hartl ePub PDF free download – Dealing with the male ego was a lot like painting. Both required me to create an image, evoke an emotional response, and nd the balance between indierence and trying too hard. They needed gentle strokes, the right amount of buildup. Such fragile things. Soft indie rock ltered out of a nearby speaker as I sat at the end of the berglass bar. Pixels—a pub with concrete oors, smooth white tables, and clean minimalist lines—catered to the up-and-coming tech crowd. Two women on the opposite side of the bar negotiated the sale of a search engine over martinis, while a guy at a nearby table double-checked the sales gures for ad space on a new social media platform before the rest of his party showed up.

This was where people in tech came to network and make deals. My target had big plans tonight. I took a sip of my martini and twirled the tiny umbrella I’d requested between my nger and thumb as I went over my checklist for tonight. Chad Collinsworth, who sounded as douchey as his name suggested, had worked with my client for two years developing a dating app called Triple M (for mix, match, mingle). He’d worked in the register’s oce, so he’d handled all the ling and paperwork. My client had trusted him. A mistake, since right after they gained a relative amount of success, he blocked her number and disappeared. Turned out, Chad had not only listed himself as sole creator, but he’d also tricked her into signing away any rights to the app by slipping an adavit in with all their other paperwork.

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