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Heart of Darkness PDF

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Heart of Darkness PDF is one of Joseph Conrad’s best works, a masterpiece of literature to which the literary world is familiar. The novel covers Marlow’s nautical adventure story based on the author’s true journey in 1890.

A man of the sea, Marlow listened to the sound of the waves, yearning to go to unnamed lands on the map – “gaps of joy”, “a white flap for the splendid dream”, pledged. into the “infinite darkness of understanding”, along with the casual curiosity of a delicate mind and the calm state of an iron heart.

On a wrecked steam train with enough sugar, and the crew of the black cannibal tribe always smelling hippopotamus, Marlow went up the majestic, mysterious Congo river. but bewitching to accomplish a seemingly impossible task.

He had to go and rescue Kurtz – who was hailed everywhere as the “omnipotent genius”, earned the most ivory of the Company, was deeply respected by the Negroes and was the deadliest in the upper region – back to civilization before he died. After all the hardships and dangers of the sacred forest of poisoned water, Marlow arrived, met the people, but only came back with a set of documents and utterances of utter despair: “Horror! Horror!”

In the wilderness of Africa that created many obstacles for Marlow’s ship, Heart of Darkness PDF also caused a lot of turbulence in the literary world even among psychologists, human rights activists or African researchers. jump in.

People talk about, verbal warfare and politicians together about the style of the author, the structure, the meaning of the work and countless other things. One of the most fiercely debated topics is racism.

Chinua Achebe – a Nigerian writer and poet once criticized the work as “terribly racist” with images depicting blacks as dumb barbarians, like bulls rod. Tragic situations, horrific tortures are all told in a cold, emotionless voice.

But others argue that at the time Conrad wrote this novel, the concept of “racism” was not yet formed, the concept of racial discrimination was still bold. It was a time when blacks were displayed as strange animals in imperial countries and were treated like animals and slaves in colonial regions. Therefore, Conrad could not be blamed.

However, the writer himself asserted that Heart of Darkness PDF “the crime of inefficiency and pure selfishness in civilizing civilization in Africa”.

Indeed, read these lines in the story: “I suspect that with the ruling is merely stifled, no more. They are conquerors, but conquest needs only force – which is nothing to boast about because his strength is just randomly generated from the weakness of others. How much or how much they dredged, plucked so that they could salvage. It was only violent rape, murder with aggravating circumstances on a large scale … ”

Thus, Heart of Darkness PDF, to some extent it can be considered an indictment of the greed, dictatorship and tyranny of colonialism, “an analysis of the decline. when the man was out of Europe’s grip, rooted in the tropics with weapons up to his teeth, to benefit from the treated class. ” And the river that leads to “the heart of a region of absolute darkness” is not the Congo River swirling in the Black continent but the peaceful Thames, under the haunted sky of the “empire where the sun never covers.” diving time ”.

Concluding the controversy, Heart of Darkness PDF always and always will be the masterpiece of literature worth reading of all time. In a vague but mysterious, tangible yet tangible language, Joseph Conrad wrote a poetic, intriguing, haunting, and symbolic prose – a masterpiece of the art of psychoanalysis. teacher, of adventure, of wild, majestic nature, and the illusion of the whole era.

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