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Heart Breath Mind by Leah Lagos ePub PDF

Heart Breath Mind by Leah Lagos ePub PDF free download – Most people are under the impression that their heart beats with the monotony and repetitiveness of a metronome. On the contrary, when you inhale, your heart rate (the number of times your heart beats per minute) naturally rises; when you exhale, it slows down again. This is true for everyone. But the exact amount the heart rate accelerates on inhalation and how quickly it decelerates on exhalation vary quite a bit from person to person. This range from your maximum heart rate to your minimum heart rate is your heart rate variability (HRV). In an ideal world, if electrodes were connected to your chest, your heart rate would show up on-screen as big, beautiful oscillations that rise and fall like rolling ocean waves. The greater the difference between the peaks and the valleys, the higher your heart rate variability. High heart rate variability is what you need to thrive under pressure; it signifies the body’s ability to quickly ramp up and feel a full range of emotions and energy—including stress, when needed —and then swiftly and efficiently let go, or recover. This dynamic allows you to effectively prepare for performance situations, navigate any challenges that arise, and then swiftly recover in between peak moments. Individuals with high heart rate variability have greater control over how their heart reacts under pressure and how quickly it recovers. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling in the zone, like you’re sinking every shot you make (be it at work or on the court), then you know what this feels like. It’s a state of flow when your mind clears, muscle tension dissipates, and you feel confident, making great performance easy.

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