Guitar Aerobics by Troy Nelson PDF ePub free download

Details about Guitar Aerobics: A 52-Week, One-lick-per-day Workout Program for Developing, Improving and Maintaining Guitar Technique

115 Pages – 2007 – 51.33 MB – 58,252 Downloads – English

Guitar Aerobics is the ultimate workout program for guitarists, promoting guitar facility, increasrng pick- and fret-hand speed and accuracy, and improving dexterity while at the same time increasing lick vocabulary. The 52-week program covers one indispensable guitar technique each day–afternate picking on Monday, string skipping on Tuesday, string bending on Wednesday, arpeggios on Thursday, swrep picking on Friday, legato on Saturday, and rhythm on Sunday-dl of which are oresented within the context of either an applicable guitar lick or an exercise that is considerably more musical than the chromatic exercises found in other technique books. Moreover, because each example fits into one of six musical styles-rock, blues, jazz, metal, country or funk-once you’ve got the lick down cold, you can test drive it at your next jam session, whatever style of music you play. Guitdr Aerobics is systematically arranged so that each week the musical examples increase in difficulty. lf you consider yourself a beginner, you can jump right into Week.1 and feel perfectly comfortable playing the materjal. Consequently,ou’ll have an entire calendar year of material-365 exercises-to practice! At approximately Week 18, the material is more appropriate for players of an intermediate level. And Week 36 marks the entry point for those players who possess considerable chops (i.e., advanced). lfyou fit in the last category that’s still 120 exercises to get through! Guitar Aerobics offers something for everyone

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