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Greenfield’s Neuropathology 9th edition PDF

Greenfield’s Neuropathology holds a special place in the heart of most neuropathologists. It has long been a standard-bearer of our specialty. In 1921, Joseph Godwin Greenfield and Edward Farquhar Buzzard published Pathology of the Nervous System, which had a key role in defining neuropathology as a distinct specialty. The authors set out to ‘describe clearly the anatomical changes which are associated with disorders of nervous function, to discuss briefly questions of pathogenesis, and to indicate in a few words, where it is possible, the relationship between structural alterations and clinical signs and symptoms.’ In 1958, a book entitled simply Neuropathology, by Greenfield, William Blackwood, William McMenemy, Alfred Meyer and Ronald Norman, updated and greatly expanded on most of the content of Pathology of the Nervous System. Unlike Pathology of the Nervous System, however, Neuropathology did not cover neoplastic diseases (dealt with instead in a companion book, Russell and Rubinstein’s Pathology of Tumours of the Nervous System). However, tumours of the nervous system have been included in Greenfield’s Neuropathology since the seventh edition in 1997.

Readers of a succession of editions over many decades have dipped into this venerable reference book seeking definitive advice and instruction on all matters neuropathological. Producing a new edition of Greenfield’s Neuropathology has therefore been both a huge privilege and a massive responsibility. It has also been a balancing act, in which we have had to reconcile the tension between the physical constraints of a two-volume book and the everexpanding amount of information encompassed within our field. Indeed, this may be the last edition of Greenfield’s Neuropathology that can be produced in hardcover printed format. Accommodating the additional information has largely involved a combination of reorganisation and restraint, together with considerably increased use of photographs and diagrams.

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