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Grammar of the English Verb Phrase Volume 1 PDF

Grammar of the English Verb Phrase Volume 1 PDF free download – The aim of this book is to describe the workings of the system of special verb forms used in English to locate situations in time. In this introductory chapter we lay the terminological and conceptual groundwork which is necessary before we embark on our grammatical description of the English tense system. Our concern is to provide precise definitions of the basic linguistic terms that will be used and to explain the conceptual apparatus that will be adopted both in this volume and in subsequent volumes dealing with the English verb phrase. (The definitions of the terms and concepts used in the book are brought together in an extensive glossary at the end of the book.)

Part I ( sections 1.11.4) first gives some preliminary notes on this work’s aims, contents, notational conventions, and the like. In part II ( sections 1.51.13) we briefly define our basic linguistic terms, such as ‘situation’, ‘verb phrase’, ‘verb form’, etc. Since this study is intended as the first part of a multivolume grammar, it seems necessary to us to make explicit the way in which we use such terms, despite the fact that readers will already be familiar with most of them, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings

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