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Good Code, Bad Code 3rd edition PDF

Good Code, Bad Code 3rd edition PDF free download – This book is aimed at people who can already code, but who want to improve their skills at coding as a software engineer. This book will be most useful to anyone with zero to three year’s experience as a software engineer. More experienced engineers will probably find that they already know many of the things in the book, but I hope that they will still find it a useful resource for mentoring others. The book uses pseudocode examples that are widely applicable to a number of different programming languages. The book assumes that you code in a statically-typed, object-oriented language like one of the following: Java, TypeScript, JavaScript (ECMAScript 2015 or later with a compiler like Closure or NodeJS), C++, Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Dart, or similar.

As a software engineer gets more experienced, they learn how the decisions that they make in their everyday coding can have big consequences on whether software will work properly and keep working. Learning how to write good code (from a software engineering point of view) can take many years. These skills are often picked up slowly and in an ad hoc way as engineers learn from their own mistakes or get piecemeal advice from more senior engineers that they work with. This book aims to give new software engineers a jump start in acquiring these skills. It teaches the most important lessons and theoretical underpinnings of writing code that will be reliable, maintainable, and adaptable to changing requirements. I hope that you find it useful.

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