Go the Distance by Jen Calonita ePub PDF free download

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Go the Distance by Jen Calonita ePub PDF

Go the Distance by Jen Calonita ePub PDF free download – Their voices echoed through the small home, inevitably reaching five-year-old Megara as she sat in the adjacent room at the window. She didn’t flinch as their argument grew louder and more heated. As cutting as their words might be, Megara didn’t understand them. Her parents’ arguments had become as common as the sun rising in the morning and the moon shining at night. Even her mother seemed to anticipate them coming now, like she could feel an impending storm. As the sun began to fade each day, she’d move Megara to the home’s only other room minutes before her father would walk in the door. “You wait here and play, Megara,” her mother would say, sounding tired before the yelling even began. “Be a good girl now and keep quiet.” Her mother usually placed the stromvos in front of Megara to keep her busy. The top her father had once whittled her was the quietest of all of Megara’s toys, though it had never been her favorite. That would be the platagi, but the rattle was deemed “too loud” by her father, and the spheria rolled all over the floor. One time her father had tripped over the marbles when he walked through the room and yelled so loud, Megara swore the walls rumbled. What she really wanted to play with was a doll with moving arms and legs like the ones she saw the girls at the market carrying, but somehow she knew not to ask for such an expensive gift. Most days her mother struggled to make enough from her mending to buy Megara milk.

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