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Go Programming Language For Dummies PDF

Go Programming Language For Dummies PDF free download – In this code-intensive book, you’re encouraged to try out the various examples, which are designed to be compact, easy to follow, and easy to understand. But you don’t have to read the book from the first page to the last. Each chapter is designed to be independent, so you can dive in wherever you want and find the topics that you want to start learning.

If you’re short on time, you can safely skip sidebars (text in gray boxes) or anything marked with the Technical Stuff icon (more on that in “Icons Used in This Book,” later in this Introduction). They’re interesting, but they aren’t essential to understanding the subject at hand. Within this book, you may note that some web addresses break across two lines of text. If you’re reading this book in print and want to visit one of these web pages, simply key in the web address exactly as it’s noted in the text, pretending as though the line break doesn’t exist. If you’re reading this as an e-book, you’ve got it easy — just click the web address to be taken directly to the web page.

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