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Genymotion is a high performance 3D Android emulator application that allows users to take full control of Android devices. Especially Genymotion supports a lot of emulators with different versions of Android operating system. Read also: how to install Denymotion on MAC & Window Referring to the application running Android on the computer, you have definitely heard of BlueStacks or NoxPlayer . These two applications allow users to use Android apps and games on the computer in a smooth way. However, BlueStacks is quite heavy and requires high computer configuration, while Windroy only supports an Android version (currently 4.4). Genymotion download In contrast Genymotion supports a lot of Android versions, corresponding to each model from HTC, Samsung, Sony Xperia, to Google Nexus 10 (Android 5.1). So you will actually be able to use your familiar phone on your computer or you can test applications and games on different Android phone interfaces, with acceptable hardware configuration requirements. receive.

Main feature of Android Genymotion emulator

Camera Use laptop webcam as video source for Android camera. The battery Test the application with different charging levels and see how it handles the case. GPS Use GPS widgets to easily develop and test location applications. Test tool, plugin Genymotion is compatible with Android SDK, Eclipse and Android Studio tools. Network & Wifi Check the strong / weak intensity of wifi, 4G, 3G, Edge or signal disruption in the subway. Adjust Disk IO Simulate devices with slow internal storage. SMS & Call Set up call or SMS interrupts and track whether the app’s response is correct. Acceleration & multi-touch Forward gyros or multi-touch sessions from an Android device to connect any computer. Perfect pixel Display the application on the computer screen at the correct real size. Browser Check the web running on many different Android browsers like Webkit for Android, Firefox for Android and more. Java API Automatically test applications in different situations by changing sensor values. Thereby, you will know the GPS positioning, battery power, network strength, text and call quality is good or not. GMTool Launch and boot virtual devices with Genymotion in seconds, 3 times faster than actual devices. The GMTool feature allows users to control Genymotion directly with the command line.

Comprehensive device management

Customize the virtual device and duplicate it on the server as a basis for test and repeat operations. Set interrupt calls or messages and see if the application has an accurate response.

Continuous integrated server interaction

Create, start and configure virtual device directly from build.gradle file. It also integrates seamlessly with continuous integration servers like Jenkins so users can automatically run script processes on virtual devices all day and night.

Bring physics to virtual machines

Advanced testing on the app by copying gyroscope or multitouch operation from any Android device connecting the user’s computer.

Unlimited screencast

Demo screen for the whole team to verify quality or convey messages to users more clearly. Genymotion allows users to record stable screen videos, audio options, ensuring audiences keep track on the same page.

Friendly design

Genymotion displays applications on the computer screen to the exact pixel. Therefore, users do not need to worry about expanding the work from simulation to device.

Features in Genymotion versions

Genymotion 2.12.2 (July 23, 2018)


  • Embedded adb update to version 1.0.40.
  • Adb tunnel (used to access Genymotion Cloud devices) now informs if an older version is running.
  • Version with VirtualBox in Windows installation has been updated to 5.2.14.


  • Fix the latest adb error (v.10.40) not compatible with adb tunnel.
  • Always suggest updating virtual devices if there are new updates.
  • More detailed error messages for unlicensed domains when connected to a server with permission have been added.
  • More detailed error messages when no additional Genymotion Cloud devices are available.

Genymotion 2.11.0

Edit: The Disk I/O feature is currently only available in Business and Enterprise versions, and does not support stand-alone users Improve
  • Add the Disk I/O feature as a widget at the Genymotion Shell and the Genymotion Java API. It allows users to simulate low-memory devices
  • Add more log files to different elements to help diagnose the risk of future errors more accurately
  • Proposing to restart the virtual device after installing OpenGApps
  • The gmtool logcatdump command is now available on the Cloud device
  • Rare error: Prevent Android from starting
  • Some errors occur when using adb reboot
  • Up adb shell input tap
  • Crash error on Launcher3 when changing background
  • Black screen of EULA window on some hardware
  • The error message is returned by the gmtool logzip command when the non-existent target directory has been clarified
  • The gmtoll logzip command works without authorization
  • Gmetool – timeout now works with Cloud commands
  • Error arises when sharing application
  • Fixing the “empty” template with some Cloud users, startdisposable gmtool generates many different errors in some rare cases.

Genymotion 2.10.0 (August 1, 2017)

  • Links to Genymobile social network accounts are added to the About popup.
  • The Genymotion Cloud virtual device, when rebooted, automatically reconnects to ADB and keeps the same serial number.
  • Adding Open GApps extension allows users to install Play Services with just one click.
  • The License window interface has been fixed.
  • Add more What’s new window to announce new features when new Genymotion is updated.
  • The unsupported option from “startdisposable gmtool” has been removed.
  • Some error messages have been corrected.
  • Fix some errors related to calculating the cache size in the control panel.
  • Fix the error when removing the application, the virtual device is restarted.
  • Fix frozen device error when taking multiple screen shots.
  • Fix many other small errors.

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