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GENKI 1: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

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Genki 1 is a unique set of textbooks with the aim of facilitating readers to purchase. The entire knowledge of the Genki curriculum is combined into one. This is also an advantage of Genki curriculum compared to Minna No Hongo in helping students learn Japanese at home. Focusing knowledge in a single volume also makes it easier to find and revise knowledge. However, for the purpose of reducing the cost and effort of searching documents, Genki curriculum also has a minus point in the lack of exercise exercises for self-study Japanese language. Anyway learners can overcome this problem by practicing more with other materials. Especially for people who study Japanese at home by themselves, Students can choose to practice as they like by listening to music or watching movies. These factors not only help bring spiritual relaxation after stressful moments but also help to acquire knowledge effectively in the process of self-study Japanese.

While giving real-life examples in Japanese, Genki curriculum also has an explanation in English. Therefore, compared to the Minna No Hongo curriculum written entirely in Japanese, Genki will be a more attractive option for those who intend to teach themselves Japanese. Although not able to understand English, learners can fully use intelligent translation tools to grasp the meaning and usage of the knowledge in the Genki curriculum.

While Minna No Hongo is now considered the official curriculum in most Japanese language centers or schools, Genki is the one that seems to be optimal for self-study Japanese at home. With the vocabulary reduced to 1700 compared to the 2,200 Minna No Hongo words, Genki curriculum still ensures to provide students with the vocabulary needed to communicate daily life on familiar topics. Not only that, using Genki textbooks in the process of self-study Japanese at home, students are reduced to load the complicated grammar rules that are not important in normal conversations.

With a simpler and more concise structure than the Minna no Hongo, the Genki syllabus provides students with the necessary rules along with adequate vocabulary in regular communication while helping readers save a great deal of money. time, cost and effort. Therefore, if you intend to study Japanese at home, this will be an option you cannot ignore.

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  1. Manzura says:

    Hi. My name is Manzura. I have learnt japanese language for three day. I am very happy because i can read hiragana words and can write all hiragana words. Then i will learn katakana alphabet of today.

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