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The first edition of Fundamentals of Financial Management was published 30 years ago. Since then, the body of financial knowledge has expanded mightily, and this led us to continually add to the book. As Fundamentals got larger and larger, we heard more and more often that it was difficult to cover the entire book in a single term. Therefore, we asked our students and other professors for advice. Some said that we shouldn’t worry about the book’s size, because a larger, more complete book gives professors flexibility in designing their courses, is a better reference for students after they have completed the course, and allows interested students to read chapters not covered in class on their own. Others disagreed, arguing that, as textbooks get larger, it becomes increasingly difficult for professors to develop a manageable syllabus, and it also forces students to buy a larger, more expensive text than they want or need. In the end, we concluded that both arguments have merit, so we decided write a concise version for those who think a smaller, more concise textbook would better suit their needs.

Details about Fundamentals of Financial Management: Concise Sixth Edition

627 Pages – 2009 – 12.89 MB – 48,387 Downloads – English

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