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Fullstack React with TypeScript PDF

Fullstack React with TypeScript PDF free download – React and TypeScript are a powerful combination that can prevent bugs and help you (and your team) ship products faster. But understanding idiomatic React patterns and getting the typings setup isn’t always straightforward. This practical, hands-on book is a guide that will have you (and your team) writing React apps with TypeScript (and hooks) in no time. This book consists of several sections.

Each section covers one practical case of using Typescript with React. Your First React and Typescript Application: Building Trello with Drag and Drop: There you will learn how to bootstrap a React Typescript application and all the basics of using React with Typescript. We will build a kanban board application like Trello that will store it’s state on backend. Testing React With TypeScript: Testing a Digital-Goods Store: In this section you will set up your testing environment and learn how to test your application. We will take an online store application and cover it with tests.

Patterns in React Typescript Applications: Making Music with React: Making Music with React. Here we cover Higher Order Components (HOCs) and render props React patterns. We show when are they useful and how to use them with Typescript. In this section we will build a virtual piano that supports different sound sets. Next.js and Static Site Generation: Building a Medium-like Blog Building Medium with SSG. React can be rendered server-side. It allows to create multi-page interactive websites. In this section we cover the basics of server-side generation with React and then we build an advanced application using NextJS framework. The example application will be blogging platform (like Medium).

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