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Free Hide IP is a small tool, the best free security software (according to the manufacturer), which can help you hide your real IP address that you are using, from which you can Web surfing is easy and comfortable and keeps your computer safe from hacker attacks and other risks, all with a single click without any complicated configuration settings.

Free Hide IP Windows

With Free Hide IP , you can surf the web anonymously on the line, send an anonymous email through any web-based mail system, access to restricted IP forums or other websites, keep Your computer is safe from websites, hackers or Hacker who steal IPs to track your online activities, steal your identity or other personal information.

Allows you to turn on the IP option of any country you want from the list and then the program will find proxy servers that can and automatically set them to your proxy, so you will have the address right away. Fake IP is from the country you specified.

Free Hide IP works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks …

Main features of Free Hide IP

  • Surf anonymously for free online Free Hide IP will help change your computer’s IP address for free when you surf online and others will never know the real IP address.
  • Privacy protection Anonymous web surfing and computer data will be protected from websites, hackers or identity thieves who want to monitor online activity or steal your identity and personal information.
  • Choose IP by Country Choose IP Country option allows you to select a desired country from the list and then your computer will be assigned a fake IP address from the selected country.
  • Send an anonymous email Free Hide IP will hide your real IP address in the email header and send anonymous email via any web-based mail system (eg Gmail, Hotmail).
  • Comfortable access to blocked Forums and websites By hiding your real IP address, Free Hide IP will allow your computer to access any blocked forum or other websites.
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