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The strange thing about the Twilight novel is that if you pick it up and read it, even though the book is nearly seven hundred pages thick, you will immediately be captivated by it and thus, you will be hard to leave it. Not only that, but there are also those who read while regretting seeing the last page of the book approaches. It is a rare thing that in our society, the media and the global internet are increasingly dominating print works. And also be pleased to say, despite being such outstanding work, but Twilight is the first work of female writer Meyer.

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The main character of the Twilight novel is a 17-year-old high school girl Isabella Swan. Divorced parents, living with their mother in the light-filled Phoenix area, when her mother took another step, Bella had to move in with her father as a reputable sheriff in Forks, a wetland in Washington state… And in this new land, Isabella has just started school days at a new school and at the same time budding and immersed in a romance full of romance but also very sorrowful with her classmate, a vampire, young Edward Cullen. What I want to emphasize is that, even though vampires are very bloodthirsty, Cullen and his family members did not do inhumane things like sucking human blood like other vampires but only seeking blood. things in the forest. As such, Cullen is a good vampire, a good boy.

However, the young love affair that seemed to be all that pink of Bella and Cullen experienced a lot of trouble and dangerous things. In another group of vampires wandering to Forks, James is a hunting vampire who is determined to hunt to satisfy Bella’s desire and suck blood to turn her into a vampire. At times when Bella is most at risk, Cullen appeared in time and bravely took action to save her. The love between two people, so it is more warm and durable.

Also from the noble personality and courage of the vampire Cullen that Bella admires that later, she expressed her intention to become a vampire. But because she loved Bella so much, Cullen strongly refused to let her be a normal human forever. Cullen once again proved his love and nobility. Thus, pure love always makes people nobler.

With a passionate tone of voice, with the psychological description of the character is both very specific and very general but extremely vivid, the love story of two young characters in Meyer’s Twilight novel has taken the reader. go into intense emotions, sometimes as if I’m living with the characters of the book, taking part in every thrilling, suspenseful and vivid happening of the characters, especially the Bella girl and the young man with complete beauty from the inside to the Cullen form. Sometimes, amidst the silence of the pages of bewitching books, readers think that the pen of this American writer is on the field.

Right from the opening page, Meyer’s first words impressed the reader: “Never had I thought of how I would die – even though in these last few months, I had enough reason to think about it – even if I think about it I can’t imagine it being like this. I glanced along with the long room, staring into the gloomy eyes of the predator, choking. He returned me with an affectionate look. ” Thus, if one lives honestly, even though one is close to death, it is possible to see the beauty in others. One more message of the author Twilight to the reader.

Read Twilight, do not miss the cover of the picture with the hands of a young girl cradling a ripe red apple. The apple represents the forbidden fruit in the bible. It is also the image of the forbidden passionate love between Bella and Cullen. When lifting the forbidden fruit in her hand, when she was in the brilliant radiance of love, the young girl Bella had only one choice: either to eat the forbidden fruit to live and die with love, or to abandon it. It is also the open question of the author of Twilight for readers that it is not until the last page of the book is closed for you to notice. And so, life, like all the fresh love affairs in this world, is always fascinating and mysterious. Nothing can be said before we close our eyes permanently. Or as they say, to me, everything is ahead.

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