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Forever Starts Now by Stefanie London

Forever Starts Now is a sweet, small-town romance that is full of hope and heart, but there are images and themes that might be triggering to some readers. Divorce, infidelity in a character’s backstory, death, and cancer are discussed in the novel. There is no death shown on the page and there is no cheating in the romance. However, readers who may be sensitive to any of these elements, please take note.

Monroe Roberts stood in the kitchen of the Sunshine Diner, hands on her hips, mouth open in disbelief. There were some days she was sure the universe was testing her, like she was a big ol’ goldfish and the almighty was tapping a finger against the glass to see what she’d do next. “What do you mean Jackson quit?” she asked, shaking her head. A young server named Rai sighed and repeated herself, “He said that he could get paid more for working less at McDonald’s.” “He said those exact words?” Rai looked down, her cheeks red. “Actually, he said he could get paid more for taking less shit at McDonald’s.” Monroe looked over to the cook, Big Frank, for support. The older man, who’d earned his name for his towering stature and barrel-like chest, simply turned to the stovetop so he could flip the French toast he was currently cooking, an amused smirk quirking his lips.

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