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Food Microbiology is directed primarily at students of Microbiology, Food Science and related subjects up to Master’s level and assumes some knowledge of basic microbiology. We have chosen not to burden the text with references to the primary literature in order to preserve what we hope is a reasonable narrative flow. Some suggestions for further reading for each chapter are included in Chapter 12.

Food Microbiology

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These are largely review articles and monographs which develop the overview provided and can also give access to the primary literature if required. We have included references that we consider are among the most current or best (not necessarily the same thing) at the time of writing, but have also taken the liberty of including some of the older, classic texts which we feel are well worth revisiting on occasion. By the very nature of current scientific publishing, many of our most recent references may soon become dated themselves. There is a steady stream of research publications and reviews appearing in journals such as Food Microbiology, Food Technology, the International Journal of Food Microbiology, the Journal of Applied Bacteriology and the Journal of Food Protection and we recommend that these sources are regularly surveyed to supplement the material provided here.

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