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Flowers for Algernon PDF

Flowers for Algernon PDF

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Flowers for Algernon PDF has been adapted into a film of the same name. It is a classic of American writer Daniel Keyes.

Review of the Flower Book on Algernon

Charlie – an idiot no more or less, but what makes him different from other people in the class for people with disabilities, is the desire to learn. Not at peace, not accepting the disadvantages of yourself. Deep down, he always wanted to learn more, so he could read, write and know as many things like ordinary people. When listening to students talk to each other about a variety of topics, cultures, societies, politics, .. he wants to understand and talk about those things.

A glint flashed, as scientists were looking for a suitable person to try a career in surgery that increased intelligence on humans. An experiment that until then, was considered successful after performing on a mouse. Algernon, the name of that white mouse. After the surgery, it has become very intelligent, able to pass through mazes excellently to get food at the end of the path. The labyrinths were Charlie greeting and feeling humiliated not being able to win a mouse.

Charlie was working in a bakery, with his coworkers constantly teasing him. I’m also happy about that, I’m happy that I make people laugh. To participate in the experiment, he had to write progress reports. In the Vietnamese translation, you will see these reports in the beginning, with lots of typos. You read books and you know you are reading an article from a truly mentally handicapped person. The ingenuity of the translator, “will not make you have to understand the sentence that the stupid man knows”.

And then the day that Charlie always expected came when he underwent surgery to improve intelligence. But it’s not a day or two but getting smart right away, it’s a long process. This makes Charlie feel impatient, sometimes disappointed that this therapy has failed … But readers will see the effectiveness of the treatment gradually manifested through progress reports when reading. The words are clearer, the events and activities become closer to the normal person, and most importantly, the spelling errors are also sparse and then stopped. “If I read a dog reading the wrong word, try to spell it from the beginning to the end, my brain would be bent”.



As he got smarter, Charlie learned more, and he also worked better than his bakery friends. Worse, when he learned that his former best friend often ate up his boss’ money, he even used him to do so. This made him awkward not know how to handle … he just like a child is gradually growing cognitive. When everything was over the limit, when his brain was far ahead of his colleagues, it was time for him to be given a break at the bakery … because he was no longer suitable for this place.

He lost friends whom he thought were close and friendly.

“Yes, but even if I don’t understand why they laugh, I still feel that if they can laugh at them they will like me. And he wants them to like him. You act like a child and you even laugh with them. ”


Did you find your parents back to normal? He met him when he was a barber, something he had long been dreaming about when Charlie was a child. But because he had to cure his sister, he never had enough money to make it. Dad didn’t recognize him, didn’t know why he didn’t want to introduce himself as his son.

He met his mother again, his mother has now become forgetful. In the past, she tried everything to not treat him, she hoped that she had a normal child. She was afraid people would look and say this and that, she was very important what people said about her when she gave birth to a child like that. By the time she ran out of hope to cure Charlie, then her family was almost completely exhausted in an effort to go from doctor to hospital. The second child was born completely normal, she knew it was not her fault that she could not have a childlike other mother. Charlie’s uncontrollable actions made her want to kick him out of the house. She did that! The reunion takes place in many emotions.


The love between him and his teacher also becomes more difficult when he becomes arrogant by his intelligence and inferiority of the teacher when she knows she is not “on the same level” with him. Besides, every time he was close to her, he always saw a Charlie of the old days standing right there, to observe, to make sure he wouldn’t hurt her.


He became more intelligent, learned many languages, tolerated a lot of knowledge in a short time. He gradually found the scientists out there were so rough. They talk about things that they really don’t know, don’t understand it deeply. He when all belted, made his own research.


The mouse gradually became more stagnant in intellectual development, beginning to take odd actions. He couldn’t even complete the dungeon challenge like before. Charlie soon knew it was his end. He immersed himself in research on his own case in order to find solutions and contribute to science before he could no longer do any research.

The mouse then left, he buried it behind the garden …


He had prepared everything himself. He visited the psychiatric center, which he knew would be his destination soon. He wants to spend all of his remaining time just researching, this is also the time that Alice (the teacher) is always beside him, even though he becomes impatient with everything. When he knew the time had come, he was no longer lucid and had almost returned to being an idiot like before the surgery. He gave up treatment. His reports gradually appeared more than typos. He himself went to the center for the disabled

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