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With this new edition of “In Fitness and In Health,” it’s more obvious than ever that we have entered a new era in health care. The responsibility for personal health has shifted from a broken healthcare system back to each of us. It’s a time when we demand higher quality of life now and for the future. In this age of true prevention, we seek to avoid the illnesses we almost accept as part of the aging process. We want to postpone – effectively preventing — cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s rather than settle for early detection. We would rather be full of life in our “golden years” than spend a decade or more at the end of life in dysfunction. The tools to do this are contained in this newly rewritten and expanded fifth edition. I continue sharing my experiences on improving health as a balance of art and science. This stems from my clinical practice in complementary medicine, which began in 1977, and — previous to that – being a patient. The art facet entails a unique understanding of both fitness and health. I compiled the actual science through my early education, then extensive clinical research. In this book I combine this art with this science in hopes of helping you to fully understand and simplify many of the complex mechanisms of fitness and health.

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