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Fish out of Water by Josie Watts ePub PDF

Fish out of Water by Josie Watts ePub PDF free download – That tipped right toward me, spilling the remaining contents directly onto my crotch, soaking down the fabric of the palm tree-printed pajama bottoms I was wearing as my sleep-addled brain tried to wrap itself around what in the hell was happening. I must have fallen asleep on the couch watching Friends reruns. Again. This place was wearing off on me. I grabbed the plastic bottle and slammed it down onto the coffee table as I swiped at the water sinking deeper into my favorite pair of lazy pants.

“Damn it.” The knocking at my door got louder. “I’m coming.” There was no point in the explanation. Whoever was on the other side probably couldn’t hear me anyway. Chances were good that even if the well-sealed steel didn’t stop the sound, a missing hearing aid would. Mrs. Hill had already been to my apartment once today looking for help finding hers after it got lost in the shag rug she just bought for her living room, choosing the long white, hearing-aid-hiding pile because it was ‘trendy’.

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