Finding the Right Balance: College, Work and Life

Only college students understand the struggle of being a college student. First of all, you’re broke most of the time, so finding a side gig that’ll get you some extra pocket money is a must. Second, you’re not living at home anymore, so becoming a responsible adult is your duty. And third, you’ve got to study and keep that social life going! How are you going to do all of these… by yourself?

I know it sounds close to impossible but in fact, it’s not. Don’t freak out, there are ways in which you can do it all – and succeed. For that, you need patience, good organization skills, and lots of determination. Pair those skills with this short guide and we’ve got you covered.

The Magic of Finding the Right Balance

This subtitle is pretty much ironic because there’s no magic trick to finding the right balance between them all. However, there are some things that you could consider. Hear me out.

Be realistic and optimistic, not the other way around

Your first and most important goal is to be realistic. Of course, that doesn’t mean being overly pessimistic, it simply means understanding what you have to do and when you have to do it. If you’ve got an important exam coming up next week, there’s no time to party this weekend. Being realistic is understanding that you’ve got school priorities that you must take care of before anything else.

Your next goal is avoiding burnout. If you can manage your time properly, everything else will fall right into place. Be excited about your school projects and start them in due time. Have realistic expectations and understand where you must work harder. Don’t overestimate yourself, but don’t underestimate yourself either. Look at your priorities, make lists, and understand what comes up next.

Plan your study sessions

We all know that we wouldn’t study if we had the option not to – at least, not when our friends are out partying because their drama class got canceled. Your major might be more challenging, or you simply want to put more effort into getting a good grade. That’s fantastic! This is why you’re pursuing education and getting a degree that matters.

To ensure that you keep staying on top of your assignments, your best chance is to plan out your study sessions. Make a schedule and write down when you will focus solely on studying. The trick is to stick to the schedule!

Ask for help if you’re in trouble

Not enough college students understand the power of well-received help. They’re embarrassed that they’ll be judged by their parents or classmates, so they end up neglecting their health to get a decent grade. The reality is, no one has the right to judge your actions if they’re not morally wrong – and let’s be honest, what’s morally wrong about asking for college paper help? International consultants at Studyclerks make helping students their life purpose. Because students need help every now and then! And that is perfectly normal. Work with these consultants when you need to, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. This is your right.

Learn each day how to manage your time

It’s okay to not know how to manage your time yet. And it’s okay to keep learning. Make sure you do that though. Don’t make the same mistake twice, try to learn from your failures. If you missed a deadline last week, don’t do it again. Change your habits, try a new studying space, or turn off your phone whenever you’re working. Under no circumstances should you repeat that mistake.

Know when to make a change

When you keep trying and trying and trying… and nothing changes, something must go wrong. So, take some time to analyze yourself, your habits, and your school life. If you struggle too much to get A’s but have no friends, for example, you might get lonely. This is not good either, you should not neglect that. Take time to see what you could do better – maybe join a club, maybe start a new sport? You can always find options if you take the time to track your progress.

Leave enough time for yourself

Maybe one of the most important points here, leaving time for yourself is absolutely essential. As college students, we are doing too much, too quickly – and many times, that brings us closer to success once we hit the job market. However, not leaving enough time for yourself could be detrimental to your mental health. Detox from books is not the only essential thing for this case. You can take a bottle of those detox drinks to alleviate your stress and feel light.

The only way in which you can find a balance is by taking time to organize your thoughts and emotions. If you’re always in a rush, you won’t be able to balance college, work, and life. Your life will be too hectic for that. Take time to develop a new hobby or start a regular meditation practice. Whatever fits your style and makes you happy!

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