Falling for the Oppostion by Lola West ePub PDF free download

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Falling for the Oppostion by Lola West ePub PDF

Falling for the Oppostion by Lola West ePub PDF free download – The first time I saw her she was dancing—no, not just dancing, something else. She was fucking flying, communing with the music like it was in her blood cells, rushing, pushing, flowing through her veins. I was at Bonnaroo, well, sort of. I wasn’t sleeping in the dirt, sweaty and camping like she probably was. I was staying in an air-conditioned tour bus and living like a rock star. I was there because it’s something you do when you’re in college. You drive eleven hours with your rich friends. You leave the pressure of being a senator’s son at home. You remind everyone not to take your picture if you’re holding a joint, and then you get high and drunk and you listen to the music and make the memories that last a lifetime.

When I saw her, it was the last day of the festival, really late in the afternoon, maybe even evening and the sun was dipping low, spilling out all hot and yellow over the horizon. I was in some VIP viewing area, drinking a beer out of a plastic cup, surrounded by guys in khaki shorts with straight-haired blonds swaying in front of them or pressed against their laps. I was drunk. Not ugly, sloppy drunk, but my guard was down. She was maybe sixty feet away, to my left and in front of me, not in VIP. It was stupid hot out. Sticky hot, the air heavy and warm when you it pulled into your lungs. It didn’t stop her though. She was dancing, full on.

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