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Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration PDF

Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration PDF free download – Bassanio counters that, in truth, Gratiano speaks too much: from two bushels of chaff, two grains of wheat may be recovered. And that’s the raison d’être for this book: to separate the wheat from the chaff. The second quotation is even more apt when you consider the difficulty of extracting the right database management procedures from the tons of material available for the Oracle Database 11g database. Oracle Corporation publishes copious material to help you manage its increasingly complex databases. Oracle Corporation also conducts a variety of in-person and web-based classes to explain the vast amount of subject matter that you need to understand to effectively work with the Oracle database today. Yet users will have a good deal of difficulty finding the essential material for performing their jobs if they rely exclusively on Oracle’s voluminous (albeit well-written) material in the form of manuals, class notes, web-based seminars, and so on.

The goal of this book is to provide you with a single source for most of your day-to-day Oracle database management tasks. Of course, it isn’t feasible to cover each and every DBA topic in detail. What I’ve done in this book is focus on the topics that are common to most enterprises, such as installing the Oracle Database 11g software, creating and upgrading databases, exporting and importing data, backing up and recovering data, and performance tuning. I place a lot of emphasis in this book on explaining all of Oracle’s automatic management solutions. Using Oracle’s automatic management features will keep you from reinventing the wheel each time. It also turns out that after several years of development, Oracle has finally placed in your hands a set of powerful management advisors and other tools that make a lot of traditional DBA work obsolete

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