Ever Clever Eva – Andrew Fusek Peters ePub PDF download

Ever Clever Eva – Andrew Fusek Peters

35 Pages – 2022 – 2.0 MB – 852 Downloads – English

Ever Clever Eva - Andrew Fusek Peters ePub PDF

Long, long ago in a little village just outside Prague, there lived two brothers. Master Jan was as rich as a treasure box, but his younger brother Eduard was as poor as a pebble. The poor brother had a young daughter called Eva. When Eva was 14 years old, her father reluctantly sent her out to work. There was only one job going in town and that was as a goose girl. This was no easy task, as geese are quite happy to bite the fingers that feed them. Even worse, it meant that Eva had to work for her rich uncle, who was well known for his meanness. Eva moved into her uncle’s farm. Every day, she rose at dawn to feed and water the cackling geese. After that, her chores were endless – washing dirty clothes, scrubbing floors, dusting surfaces, polishing old bits of brass and cooking the food.

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