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Essentials of Services Marketing 3rd edition PDF

Essentials of Services Marketing 3rd edition PDF free download – Like every reader of this book, you’re an experienced service consumer. You use an array of services every day, although some—like talking on the phone, using a credit card, riding a bus, downloading music, using the Internet, or withdrawing money from an ATM—may be so routine that you hardly notice them unless something goes wrong. Other service purchases may involve more thought and be more memorable—for instance, booking a cruise vacation, getting fi nancial advice, or having a medical examination. Enrolling in college may be one of the biggest service purchases you will ever make. The typical university is a complex service organization that offers not only educational services, but also libraries, student accommodation, healthcare, athletic facilities, museums, security, counseling, and career services. On campus, you may fi nd a bookstore, a bank, a post offi ce, a photocopying shop, Internet cafes, a grocery store, entertainment, and more. Your use of these services is an example of service consumption at the individual or business-to-consumer (B2C) level. Organizations also use many business-to-business (B2B) services, which usually involve purchases on a much larger scale than those made by individuals or households.

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