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Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases

Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases 2nd edition PDF free download – It has been more than five years since the first edition of this book presented readers with the essential aspects of the subspecialty infectious diseases. The popular reception of the book and the rapid expansion of medical knowledge call for a new edition to assist readers through this medical transformation—from a demystified wonder to a commonplace tool in medical education. This edition (a) provides technical corrections, updates, and clarifications in all 45 chapters of the original book; (b) adds six new chapter topics; (c) includes new developments that are consistent with the published peer-reviewed medical literature, published relevant clinical practice guidelines, and updated bibliographical references at the end of each chapter; and (d) elucidates subtle issues that readers and reviewers have found perplexing, objectionable, or in need of elaboration.

Our main audience remains the students and medical providers in training. However, information within this book evolved from prior formal didactic lectures or bedside clinical teaching on clinical infectious diseases, microbiology, and antimicrobial pharmacology that was delivered to help students, residents, fellows, and primary care physicians. Current basic science and clinical concepts regarding each relevant infectious disease topic are still written as a synoptic account to make these topics clear and practical for the readers of this text. Teachers who have taught from this book before should find the revised edition more lucid and palatable. We continue to adhere wherever possible to a standard pattern of description that aims to define the topic; provide an introduction that would include classification, pathophysiology, and epidemiologic information; list relevant causative microorganisms; describe the clinical aspects and approach to the topic with the physical examination and relevant laboratory methods, diagnostic imaging, and appropriate antimicrobial therapy. This updated essentials text also includes new chapters that readers will hopefully find useful beyond the basic clinical syndromes: introduction to clinical reasoning and statistics, introduction to antimicrobial stewardship, and basic approach to travel medicine.

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