Essential Apps for Vacation Travel Abroad

Now that COVID restrictions are easing, we are all ready to get out again. And many who had to put their travel plans on hold last year are preparing to renew those plans and get to those faraway places for fun, relaxation, new sights, and amazing experiences to add to their life memories.

If this is you, and you are making plans for international travel, you will want to consider some key apps to install that will add convenience, pleasure, and, yes, even safety, to your trip. You may be surprised at some of the apps that are now available.

Essential Apps for Vacation Travel Abroad



This has been a source for inexpensive lodging for years now. If you haven’t already, be sure to install this app on your phone. This is especially true for those travelers who have not set a firm itinerary or who decide to change things up on a whim. You can get a house, an apartment, a room, or just a couch (and usually have laundry facilities). Of course, you can book anything in advance with a reservation to fit your itinerary too.


When many think of hostels, they think of shabby accommodations for students who are backpacking through Europe on very little money. Things have changed. Of course, those are still those communal environments, but hostels now come in a variety of “shapes and sizes,” and you can filter by all sorts of criteria. You may also want to sort by rankings and reviews, because all are not created equal. For example, some offer a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, while others are more for partiers.


An app for those without a set itinerary and very little concern for amenities. This is rather a “matching” app, so that travelers can connect with one another and offer a “couch” in their homes for one in another locale. It’s a community affair, and you will need to complete a full profile in order to register.


Travel and Transportation

There are plenty of apps you should consider in this category.

Airline Apps

Every major airline now has an app. Installing them gives you an array of benefits – paperless boarding passes, notifications of delays, gate changes, and more. Install the apps of the airlines you most frequently use.

Ground Transportation

Uber has gone global now, and Lyft is not far behind. Install these apps for reliable ground transportation in all major cities around the globe.

Here’s an app that you may not have heard of before. You can even work with it offline. Basically, you install the app and then download maps for every city you intend to visit. You’ll have walking directions for all places of interest.

Translation Needs

International travel comes with the need for translation apps, and perhaps more. Here is what you can do: It will be important to conduct some research before you go so that you know what may be required in the way of documents. Once you have identified these, find one of the reputable language translation services online. Get your documents translated into the languages of those countries you plan to enter. It is highly recommended entrusting this to professional and certified services.

Google Translate

Installing this app will help a lot. Just be aware that it is not perfect by any means. But you can take a picture of a sign or a menu, and it will translate instantly.

XE Currency Converter

This is probably the easiest app to use for converting currencies and, while online, it continually updates exchange rates. And it can be used offline as well.

When an App Won’t Cover It

There are documents that may require translation and which no app will accommodate. For example, you may need certain medical documents (inoculation records, health insurance, prescriptions, etc.) on hand. Get these translated with more than one copy in case they are lost.

Banking Apps

Major Banking Apps

All major banks have mobile apps. You need to install yours before leaving the country. Should you need to access your banking features, doing so by phone rather than a hotel wi-fi will be far more secure.


If you do not yet have a PayPal account, consider getting one before you go abroad. It is one of the safest banking systems and is worldwide in scope. You can get a credit card and attach your regular bank account to it as well.


There is one app that will handle all of your weather forecast needs:


This app provides global weather conditions and forecasts for up to 15 days in advance. You can check the day’s weather before you ever leave your hotel room in cities to which you will be traveling.

Attractions and Dining

If you are traveling into unfamiliar territory, it may be tough to know and find all of the attractions, restaurants, festivals, etc. that you may want to see and patronize. You may want to install a couple of apps to help you.

Trip Advisor

This is an all-in-one app that will allow travelers to book hotel, flight, transportation and other travel needs. You may not want to use it for its main features, but it does offer a full menu of places to visit wherever you may be going, all types of restaurants, along with reviews of each.


Yes, Yelp is international. If you have this app installed, you can read actual user reviews and suggestions regarding attractions and restaurants in all major cities and even smaller popular tourist spots.

These 14…

Here you have 14 mobile apps that will make your travel abroad easier and much more enjoyable. Planning in advance, installing these apps, and getting important documents translated will mean a streamlined, hassle-free trip.

Author Bio: Merissa Moore is a world traveler who researches and writes about all things global – lifestyles, cultures, travel, languages, and more. When at home, Moore experiments with international gourmet cooking and plays the guitar in a local Indie band.

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