Endocrine Conditions in Pediatrics PDF free download

Details about Endocrine Conditions in Pediatrics: A Practical Guide

360 Pages – 2021 – 10 MB – 3545 Downloads – English

Endocrine Conditions in Pediatrics PDF

Endocrine Conditions in Pediatrics PDF free download – The primary intention of this book is to provide easily accessible information to primary care providers about the initial evaluation and management of signs and symptoms that may suggest pediatric endocrine disease. The book is organized by discussion of presenting signs or symptoms with suggested initial evaluation (Part I), followed by a discussion of how to interpret relevant laboratory testing and imaging (Part II), and ending with a discussion of the etiology and management of common pediatric endocrine conditions (Part III). We hope that this organizational structure provides rapid reference to just-in-time information for primary care providers caring for patients with possible endocrine conditions. We also hope that this book will be useful to students and trainees interested in pediatric endocrinology as well as pediatric endocrine fellows. This book is not intended to provide a comprehensive discussion of all pediatric endocrine pathophysiology, a purpose which multiple excellent textbooks already fulfill. Rather, we hope that this book will provide guidance regarding how to approach symptoms of possible endocrine disease, how to interpret evaluative testing carefully, and how to begin initial management and counsel patients and families regarding what to expect for further management, which may often require referral to pediatric endocrinology. We also hope that, for many patients, this book may facilitate management of benign conditions in the primary care setting, as we know that patients and families are most comfortable and best-served staying in their medical home when possible. Related to that purpose, we hope that Part II will be particularly useful in highlighting limitations of assays and lab-provided reference ranges, as well as situations in which mildly abnormal labs can be repeated before pediatric endocrine referral is required.

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