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End of Spies by Alex Gerlis ePub PDF

End of Spies by Alex Gerlis ePub PDF free download – Richard Prince stood nervously in the shadow of the Gothic splendour of Lincoln Cathedral, a flurry of leaves gathering around his feet in a premature burst of autumn. He glanced around uncomfortably and retreated to the canopy of the Judgement Porch, Jesus Christ and the angels looking down on him in a quizzical manner as if wondering what he was up to. He didn’t blame them. He wondered that too. He’d never particularly liked the cathedral: it held a sense of foreboding and he’d always felt that for a place of worship it was too replete with imagery of the devil. As a small child he’d been told the cathedral’s grounds had been used as mass burial pits for the city’s victims of the Black Death, and the fear instilled then had lasted into adulthood. As a young police constable, he’d dreaded the night-time beat that took him anywhere near the darkened mass of the cathedral. It hadn’t been his idea to get married here. In truth it hadn’t been his idea to get married at all: it seemed so rushed and unnecessary, and they’d hardly had an opportunity to get to know each other in normal circumstances. But Hanne was keen, and young Henry in particular was thrilled at the idea. He had no memory of his mother, and the prospect of his father marrying excited him. Only two weeks after Hanne had moved in with them, Prince had overheard his son call her ‘Mummy’.

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