Elemental Taken – Helen Scott ePub PDF download

Elemental Taken – Helen Scott

201 Pages – 2021 – 1.0 MB – 841 Downloads – English

Elemental Taken – Helen Scott ePub PDF

When the rage subsided and I saw the destruction I’d wrought, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Sure, they were my parents, my earliest memories included them, but I’d been alone for a long time since then. Long enough that I shouldn’t be as upset as I was. Yet somehow this felt like a personal attack. It wasn’t just that it was my parents, it felt like after everything I’d been through whoever it was had done it to punish me for potentially finding the key. Like they wanted to punish me. The dust finally settled and I realized that there was only rubble left of my childhood home. Not only that, but no one was around. It made me wonder how long I’d let the anger that raged within me out. I wasn’t the type of guy to swear vengeance, but someone would have to pay for this. They were killed by a coward, someone who wouldn’t even face my father when he killed him.

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