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Electrical Power Systems Technology gives a wide diagram of the creation, circulation, control, transformation, and mea-surement of electrical force. The introduction technique utilized in this book will permit the peruser to build up a comprehension of electrical force sys-tems. The units of the book are coordinated in a precise way, start ning with electrical force creation techniques. The basics of each significant unit of the book are talked about toward the start of the unit. These essentials give a structure to the data that continues in every unit. The last unit has been extended to incorporate control gadgets. This book manages numerous significant parts of electrical force, not simply with a couple of territories. Thusly, it will give the peruser a superior un-derstanding of the complete electrical force framework—from the creation of power to its change to different types of energy. Every unit manages a particular framework, for example, creation, dissemination, control, change, or estimation. Every framework is separated into subsystems. The subsys-tems are then investigated in more noteworthy detail in the parts that make up every unit.

Electrical Power Systems Technology

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