Eat That Frog! PDF latest edition by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog! PDF: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

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Eat That Frog! PDF – Anyone who enters the business environment is caught up in the flow of work. There are countless missions and goals waiting for you to accomplish in a limited time. Therefore, the ability to identify the most important task in each specific time, then embark on performing and completing that task quickly with the best results, is the golden key to open the door. to success.

Time is the fairest gift that life is for everyone. Each person will have a different sense of time and what makes the difference is how people use that valuable gift. Those who know how to control their time will feel every meaningful moment of life. In contrast, those who lack time management skills will find their lives very busy and busy with so many tasks and tasks to be done.

Therefore, the skill of identifying priority goals, overcoming work stagnation and promoting the most important tasks is an essential skill for you to develop and reap many outstanding achievements in his career.

The book “Eat That Frog!” will present 20 practical principles to help you improve your personal performance, skills to identify priority goals, overcome work stagnation and contact. carry out important tasks. This is a book to help you train the essential skills to develop and reap the extraordinary results of your career.

The key to success is ACTION. Start learning and applying these principles to your life and business. The results are always commensurate with your continuous efforts.

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