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Easy Spanish Reader Premium 3rd edition PDF

Easy Spanish Reader Premium 3rd edition PDF free download – It is a book that beginners in Spanish can actually read—almost from the very first day of study. It uses elementary vocabulary and keeps verb tenses to a minimum. The book contains three sections, Enrique y María, Historia de México , and Lazarillo de Tormes. The readings in each section are followed by activities. When a word appears that you may not know, it is glossed in the margin. A Repaso appears after each group of four to seven chapters in Sections 1 and 2. In addition, crossword puzzles accompany each Repaso in Section 1. Section 1 tells the story of Enrique and María, two high school students in the United States. María’s favorite subject is Spanish and she frequently practices with her good friend Enrique, who is from Spain. We follow Enrique and María as they attend Spanish club meetings, go to movies, parties, and lectures. The stories in Section 1 expand your knowledge of vocabulary, expose you to a variety of cultural and historical information, and give you confidence in reading in Spanish. Section 2 presents a brief overview of the history of Mexico. It provides an account of some of the important episodes in Mexican history, featuring famous personalitites such as Moctezuma, Cortes, Miguel Hidalgo, and Benito Juarez. In Section 3 you will read an adaptation of Lazarillo de Tormes , a well-known work of Spanish literature. This story provides exposure and practice in reading literature in Spanish. It will build confidence about your reading ability and serve as an introduction to the great literary tradition of the Spanish-speaking world. This multilevel Spanish reader provides an introduction to culture, history, and literature of regions of the Spanish-speaking world as well as extensive reading practice in Spanish. We hope that you enjoy the readings at the same time as you build your knowledge of the language.

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