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Dusk, Night, Dawn by Anne Lamott

Dusk, Night, Dawn by Anne Lamott – Here we are, older, scared, numb on some days, enraged on others, with even less trust than we had a year ago. The devastating pandemic, and the federal government’s confused and deadly response, was simply the final straw to a few years of crushing developments. A UN report on climate catastrophe was published months before my wedding in 2019, the report of the extinction of one million species three weeks after. Major buzzkill. Our poor country has been torn asunder. I await the rain of frogs. And I’ve gotten so much less young. I got Medicare three days before I got hitched, which sounds like something an old person might do, which does not describe adorably ageless me. I mostly love being in the third third of my life, as it is the easiest that life has ever been, except for, well, the bodily aspects, and the dither and fogginess, and I wouldn’t go back a year—well, maybe back one year, before the two UN reports, which have changed everything.

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